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King of the sun strong fight

Nuggets first-round rookie Leiden from the previous four games, can not find the rhythm of the NBA, to score no score, to hit rate did not hit, rebounds not rebounds. Although the last beat the rocket, but Leiden audience cast 4 of 0, 3 of 3 shots 0, feel bad pass. Fortunately, the pelican record is also 1 wins and 3 losses, and the team did not have too good young players. If the Nuggets out of the main, the probability of winning a large game of Fulz accidental injury to the 76ers summer league became dull, the other players to play no matter how good, I am afraid it is difficult to appear in the 76 regular season lineup The It is the Chicago Bulls, Valentine and Malcolin are likely to be given the task in the new season Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins. Last season’s rookie Valentine’s status is getting better and better, the last two games were 15 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists and 13 points and seven rebounds and four assists. Marchein scored two pairs in the match against the Wizards, harvesting 20 points and 10 rebounds, shooting 17 of 6, three in 10, 4, free throw 4 in 4, is a new season prospects a big big pitcher.

Both teams have a number of outstanding young players, the king’s rookie Fox and Justin Jackson, last season’s rookie Hilde and Rabbi West, have a very good play. The sun has always been the main lineup, this time to participate in the summer league lineup last season’s high top rookie Chris and Bend, also have this season’s No. 4 show Josh – Jackson. Today, the sun face the Grizzlies, Bend got 20 points and 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Josh – Jackson 13 points and 8 rebounds, the performance is very eye-catching. Two young guards of the guards, will be tomorrow’s summer league one of the highlights.¬†

The knights and the Raptors lost both in today’s game. Raptors lost to the Trail Blazers, Van Fleet although get 31 points, still no avail. Last season’s rookie Porto also appeared flat, looks embarrassing big use. Knight is lost to the Lakers, Zubac to get two pairs, Boer contributed three pairs, just rely on the Field, Tavares such temporary patchwork of players, fight can also fight. Tomorrow did not highlight the star of the Raptors, knights still have no small hope to win.

The ball Gobol talk about his father’s influence

Because of his father’s participation, in recent months, rookie Boer from time to time will always be mentioned, the old Boer had said his three sons not the Lakers, also said he was able to break out Michael – Jordan, also Claiming that his son’s shoes endorsement contract must be astronomical. For his father’s remarks, Boer recently interviewed that his father’s remarks did cause him troubled. “I do not think my father’s actions have helped me at all,” said Bohr, “it might make my basketball career harder.” But any good player is all the time Not the outside world, and now I am already very familiar with this point. “As a Los Angeles, Boer also once again expressed their willingness to the effectiveness of the Lakers. “Of course, I want to stay in my home,” Bohr said.

A number of reporters revealed that the Pacers are actively contact the team to discuss the transaction, they strive to get George as soon as possible in exchange for more valuable chips, is likely to be held on Friday before the draft will be able to reach a deal. If the Pacers and Knights are close to George’s deal, the Lakers will be involved in avoiding the night’s dream, but they do not know what kind of chips they will give.¬†